Cooperation stages

Recognising the client’s needs

During the preliminary talks with the client we define the goals we want to achieve. Determining the task is always the basis of our further proceedings.

Presenting the quote

We create the quote for design works individually for each investment. Every client receives a guaranteed price and timeframe; at this stage we draft and sign a contract. Our offer is always preceded by a feasibility study, regarding the law and local conditions. It is also important to establish the capital required to complete the investment. 

Designing stage

Starts with a conceptual model. This is when we create the spatial, functional, and utility concept. We make sure that the design implements all required functions – every part of the design must meet the client’s needs. Our next steps include acquiring all necessary technical condition documents, opinions and approvals, and following up with detailing and developing the design. The result of our work is a complete documentation, ready for acquiring legal permits and implementation.

Acquiring the building permit

If it is required by law, the complete documentation is submitted to the local building administration. We represent our clients during every step of the legal proceedings.


We remain in contact with all participants of the investment process. In our experience, having a clear line of communication between the designers and contractors helps the investment to proceed easier and within the required timeframe. We often represent our client during the validation process.


More often than not, completing an investment does not mean the end of our cooperation. We remain in contact with our clients and support them in their following endeavours. We implement the experience gained during every design in our work.