About us

Novator brand
was created in 2005

Over the years we have created a team of designers, specialising in architecture, structural design, environmental and electrical engineering, fire safety, and more.

We gained our experience turning our clients’ ideas into functional buildings and facilities. We have also cooperated with them during projects’ execution, both in Poland and abroad, broadening the scope of our expertise. 

Our company specialises in comprehensive approach towards construction investments.

The designing team guides our clients through the entire investment process – from the contract and conceptual works, through the design and building supervision, up until the validation process. Our values, engagement, optimalisations, and professional approach make us stand out on the market. 

We would like to invite you to get to know our company and numerous realizations. 

How we operate

How we operate

Regardless of the scope and type of task, we always focus on understanding the needs of our clients. 

Before we begin the design process, we always ask ourselves:

1. What are our client’s goals? Can we define them?
2. Are we able to execute the tasks we were entrusted with? 
3. Do we have the expertise, required to meet all of our client’s needs?
4. Do we have all the tools, necessary to execute all of the tasks within the required time frame? 

We define the client’s needs individually for each design, create the design team, supervise the work progress, present and consult our work with the client on multiple stages, and implement any changes necessary. Our final product must always be fully accepted by the client. 

About us



the key to the effectiveness of our company is our team. Each and every one of us is involved, we listen and support one another. We respect each other and our work. 

Active thinking

we treat every task individually and always strive to think outside the box. Every decision is talked over and our team always looks for best possible solutions. We prioritise our team’s development, participating in workshops, courses and certifications. We inspire each other and evolve to become the best. 

Financial awareness

we want our designs to be financially optimal and follow the current state of investment market. Being conscious of how our decisions impact the costs of the realisation allows us to avoid making imprudent decisions during the design process.  


our designs are prepared using the newest technologies. WE implemented BIM (Building Information Modelling). We coordinate our works on every stage within and among all design branches. We adjust our process to satisfy the client’s preferences and capabilities.


we are no strangers to hard decisions. We undertake difficult tasks and we improve and develop our abilities. We never leave our work unfinished and never give up; our clients trust us and we believe they do not regret entrusting us with their time, ideas, and resources. 


we want our products to be simple and unexaggerated, in order to save our clients’ time and resources. The best solutions are ones that are the easiest ones to implement. 

Environmental impact

aside from the EU trends of energy effectiveness, we want to conserve and protect of local environment. Designing renewable energy sources, energy saving objects and installations, optimal materials, and avoiding inefficient designs are only some of the ways we can reduce the investments’ environmental impact.